Your vision through our lens


We start with analyzing your vision about a specific product or service, we sketch that concept out and implement our approach.

Short ads

Fire a surprising short video at your target group to promote your brand, product or company.

Visual editing

All complex and detailed customizations hold no secrets for us.


Reexperience the specific atmosphere and energy of the moment of your event.

Product Placement

We search for the best setting and environment to showcase your product for a better viewing experience.


We select and edit your visual material mixed with rhythmically mounted music and special effects into a strong story.


Inject animation to your visual story to bring your idea to life.


Thanks to our fully equipped studio and experienced team we can ensure the best result.

Strategy & Distribution

It’s important to create a marketing strategy at the beginning of each project to guarantee success. Only that way you make sure your video reaches the right audience.


Whether you’re active in luxury brands, clothing, food or sport, we can convert your ideas into inspiring visual content.

Our team builds new brands or make existing brands revive to the NextLine.


Make your product or service stand out between the rest. We detect what your product needs to create a greater awareness and find the best setting that fits your product or service.

1. Kick off

We think along, this can go from finding the perfect location to the style you want to achieve.

3. Shoot

This is where the magic happens!

2. Pre production

Together we draw up a checklist with all the necessary tools for your shoot.

4. Results

The process doesn't end here, we take the material to the Next department.


Videography is an essential ingredient in your today's corporate marketing. We create high-end videos with state-of-the-art equipment, in-house marketing services and experts for the creative and technical process.

From script to screen

Our writers and artists portray the script and storyboard that matches your message.

Music and voice-over

An appropriate musical bed is created from an almost limitless stock of music and effects tracks. Voice overs make your script sound just like it should sound in your viewer’s head.

3D animation

It can go from a simple logo animation to a 3D model. It gives comic relief in most instances which makes it interesting for your viewers.


Looking for a studio? Our studio is available for rent to anyone doing a small or medium photoshoot. From portraits to headshots for fashion and e-commerce. We have the equipment you need like flashlights, background paper, makeup or changing area and other facilities.