Crucial questions

Why Social Media?
The real role of Social Media?
How to set it up effectively?


Set up your objective.
Define your target.
How to communicate?
Omnichannel expansion.

Production & content

Design is visible intelligence.

Brand matchmaking


The strongest connection between people.

#. Social content strategy

Unique content for your business. We will research your buyer’s personas and learn more about your target audience. In addition, we will develop a content calendar, allowing you to see what topics will be published and when they will be published.

# Advertising

Online advertising has tremendously evolved, there are a wide variety of advertising types we can use. We are selective in which one we focus on and slowly add in additional types online advertising to enhance the existing campaigns.

#. Influence marketing

Make sure that your brand is seen, understood and heard. Getting your brand’s story to the right audience is of utmost importance. A certain amount of trust has to be created. By placing your product in the hands of the right influencers, the buzz on social media will start to grow.

#. Creative content development

Content development is not just about creating content, it implies a process as measuring, adjusting and recreating it. Your content must lead to a defined outcome. The better you understand your market and product, the smarter your content development will be.

#. Tracking & Measurement

Each time we share new online content, it is vital to measure its effectiveness. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand it is to know the return on your effort and on the other hand to determine which channels you should use to generate brand awareness and leads.

#. Social listening

The biggest benefit of social listening is that it allows you to track your brand across social channels and make sure you catch all mentions of your brand and associated parties. It also refers to analyzing the conversations and trends happening not just around your brand, but around your industry.  With those insights you can make better marketing decisions.